Support us

We are so grateful to everyone who support us whether it’s in a financial capacity or a physical one. We would particularly like to thank the following who very much have ensured that we can continue to offer a safe and comfortable home to all our residents past, present and future:

  • Anna Gifford
  • Barbara Gill
  • Bark UK Online
  • Christine Hennessey
  • Claire Penn
  • Connie
  • Emma and Bella Lavis
  • Gladstone Sawmills
  • Heaven on Earth
  • HSL Compliance
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Kate Plantin
  • Kayte Cookes
  • Kemble at Home
  • Ken Whitehead
  • Kim Hemes
  • Kirsty & Camilla Clement
  • Leissa & Roger Davis
  • Lord and Lady Croxford
  • Luke Dodd
  • Maureen Bulford
  • Nicky Walker
  • Perrygrove Railway
  • Peter and Chris Hennessey
  • Peter and Diane Fryar
  • Ray Grimmett
  • Ronald Bockhart
  • Sean Wiltshire
  • Solway Recycling
  • Steve Wicketts
  • The Laura Family
  • The Yorkshire Wooden Duck
  • Timber Flair
  • Tracey Shelley

Wish Lists
Please support us by purchasing items from our wish lists at Bluebell’s Forage, The Hay Experts and Amazon


If you would like to volunteer for us at Pen Y Bryn please fill out our application form and email back to us. Kelly will then be in touch with you as soon as possible. The form is available as a pdf by clicking here or as a word document by clicking here.

We’ll look forward to meeting you!